Life happens with colours

Just a reminder that I should not freak out if colours mix. 



So unfortunatly because of school I will only be able to upload on Friday Saturday and Sunday.


Hey Guys today I drew a mustang. Thank you Crimson on Art amino for the idea. I think it is kinda not good but still I like it. I will see you guys tommorrow and bye!

#Drawing #dailydoodle2017

Adjusting in Life

Welcome Back!!!!

Today I focused on a visible storyline .So here it is.

A girl is moving and in the river beneath her the memories of the teamwork, smiles,and suprises are drifting away. She really wants to stay with her friends but it isn’t possible. So she is sad. 

I did a quote for the background for the first time and put a thousand words and feelings in to this picture.The girl is crying but she knows she will have to adjust. 

So that is it for today’s doodle for 2017 and I will see you tommorrow!!!👋👋👋👋👋 Bye guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Life is full of adjusting”                          ~Baraka (myself)

Snowed Mountain


This is Daily Doodle 1 for 2017. I made this using oil pastels and printer paper. At first I was refrencing a picture but then I just stopped using the picture and added a ton of my own details. Tell me what you think and I will see you tommorow. Bye!!!!!!!!!


I’m Baraka a right brained creative thinking artist. (A thing now). I want to be an artist and scientist when I grow up. I am going to #DailyDoodle2017 on here if I have time everyday so yeah. If you have any tips please leave them in the comments. Bye!